I Never Played Dead Man’s Finger Again

I was at a friend’s house playing Dead Man’s Finger, a game I had never played before. It sounded simple enough: you pick a card and then put your finger on the dead man’s finger on the card. The first person to lose all of their fingers loses the game.

I was getting really into it, trying to outsmart my friends. I picked a card and put my finger on the dead man’s finger. Suddenly, I felt something cold and slimy touch my finger. I screamed and pulled my hand away, only to see that the dead man’s finger was moving!

My friends laughed at me and said that I had lost the game. But as I looked down at my hand, I saw that the dead man’s finger was still moving…

I screamed again and ran out of the room. I didn’t know what was happening, but I knew that game was cursed. I never went back to that house again and I never played Dead Man’s Finger again.




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I went to sleep with the Reaktor manual under my pillow and this was in its place when I awoke.Dr. Kong Balong