Jack, the Stargazing Boy Who Grew Wings

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Jack who loved stargazing.

Every night, he would take out his telescope and go out to the balcony so that he could get the clearest view of the night sky.

Jack was fascinated by the twinkling stars above him, so one day he decided to make a wish upon them.

He wished for a pair of wings so that he could fly into space and explore the stars up close.

To his surprise, Jack’s wish came true! One magical night, two beautiful wings grew out of his back and allowed him to soar through the sky like never before.

He flew higher and higher until he reached an incredible destination – a star-shaped palace in the middle of space!

Jack spent days exploring this incredible place and learning more about the stars around him.

From then on, every time Jack looked up at night, he remembered how special it was to have explored the stars up close.




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