Meeting Place Of the Heart

composed by Briyan Frederick
© Brian F Baker
Published by Blind Mime Music, ASCAP

Briyan Frederick: OP-1, bass, guitar, samples, Arturia Mini Freak synthesizers, water sounds from Claire Furchick Pannell from the Binjareb Djilba (Peel-Harvey Estuary) in Western Australia.

For the Bombora Electronic Cottage Compilation released on Dog Park Records via Bandcamp.

Claire Furchick Panell put out a call for submissions for a compilation via the Electronic Cottage facebook group. The compilation was based around a package of samples of water taken around Binjareb Djilba in Australia.

Claire later explained the significance of the area to its native people and their ties to the water as a first nations people and that the name the area is the Meeting Place Of the Heart.

For my composition I started on an OP-1 workstation, loading one of the water samples that I felt provided a range of sonics I might tap for percussives.

I chopped and highlighted a few elements. This is what you hear as the percussion of the track. The bass groove and electric guitar are samples from a song I made as Blind Mime Ensemble called “Black and White Rainbows.” These are played on the OP-1 and I use its vocoder for the melody which is singing “meeting place of the heart…”

I brought this into Logic Pro and finessed the arrangement for a couple more days and it took several shapes over that time. I finally arrived at an odd bit of sound using Arturia’s Mini Freak which provides the sputtering electronics between vocal phrasings.





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