Sam and His Overseas Pen Pal

In a small town in America, there lived a boy named Sam. He had a special friend named Ivan who lived far away. They were pen pals.

Every month, Sam would write a letter to Ivan, telling him about his life, his school, and his pet dog, Max. And every month, he would eagerly wait for Ivan’s reply.

After sending his letter, Sam would start his wait. Every day, after school, he would rush to the mailbox, hoping to find a letter from Ivan.

But one month, Ivan’s letter didn’t come. Sam was worried. He couldn’t understand why Ivan hadn’t written back.

Then one night, Sam saw the news on TV with his parents. There were problems in the place where Ivan lived. This made Sam even more worried about Ivan.

Sam decided to write another letter to Ivan. He told Ivan that he saw the news, and he hoped Ivan and his family were safe.

Sam mailed the letter and hoped that Ivan would receive it. He wished he could do something to help his friend.

One sunny afternoon, Sam ran to the mailbox and found a letter from Ivan! He was relieved and quickly opened it.

In his letter, Ivan told Sam that things had been difficult, but they were safe. He thanked Sam for his friendship and for caring about him.

Sam wrote back immediately. He told Ivan that he was glad to know he was safe. He wished for peace and promised to keep writing.

That night, Sam talked to his parents about what was happening where Ivan lived. They explained that adult conflicts were complex, but it was important to remember that people, like Ivan, were just like them.

Sam continued to write to Ivan. Their friendship grew stronger, reminding them that even in a world full of conflicts, friendship and understanding could bridge any distance.




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