The Dance of the Hidden, The Echo of the Unseen

This is an AI generated poem prompted by my song, “We Hide Ourselves Away”.

In the whimsical heart, a frozen ticket thrives,

Destination, oh, an illusion of pounding walls.

Here lies the remedy, a mirage in empty hands,

Oh, a dance of fear, in the corners of closed eyes.

Away, away, to the beat of resignation,

A runaway spirit in the dark, hiding itself.

Ain’t no relief in the corners of injustice,

Just the echoes of tired whispers painting the air.

Pounding, pounding, the rhythm of the hidden self,

Oh, a far away realm where the unseen is seen.





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I believe in finding the innate truth behind the music, and bringing that forward. I listened to the feeling and rhythm, letting the tempo become ingrained on my soul. And then I sped it all up twice as fast and sang about dicks.Matthew Lee aka Sausage Boy

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