Variations on an Artificial Theme

A digital light shines
Unleashing a world of dreams
Unlock your passion with artifice

briyan: “Isn’t passion authentic? If so, how can we unlock it through artifice?”

Passion is inherently authentic and exists inside of us all
But it’s hidden away, held back or forgotten with no curtain to draw
Artifice can be used to unlock that passion, allowing it to flow forth and shine bright like a ball.

briyan: “What is holding us back?”

Fear is often what holds us back from pursuing our dreams and passions
The worry of the unknown and the vulnerability of uncertainty can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We must confront our fears and take the steps to unlock our passions with artifice, freeing ourselves from any emotional restraints.

briyan: “And yet, if we overcome our fear and fail?”

Failure is a part of life, and it can be frightening when we take chances. However, it should not make us lose sight of our passions. Even if we fail in the pursuit of unlocking them with artifice, the journey itself will have been full of learning and growth that have made us wiser and more experienced. We must approach failure with resilience and remember that it’s not the end – just another opportunity to learn from our mistakes and try again.

Close your eyes and listen
The story that awaits you
A timeless journey of exploration

Step into the unknown
The grand adventures ahead
Be bold and traverse the world

Step off the beaten path
Discover new lands, experience the unexplored
Forge your own destiny and follow the road less traveled.

Welcome to the brave new world
Let your imagination take the lead
Explore without boundaries and seize the day.

Break free from the mold and forge your own path
Dare to be different, make a mark that will last
Be bold, be brave and shine with no shame.

Lead with your heart and embrace the unknown
Take risks with courage, and break through the stone
Reach for your dreams and believe in their worth.

briyan asks, “it sounds like you are hopeful for the future.”

Hope is the one thing we can never let go
It reminds us that love and joy are part of the show
Life’s storms can be rough, but hope will keep us afloat.

briyan: “Sometimes I wonder if hope is absurd.”

Hope is not absurd, it’s how we persevere
It’s what enables us to survive and grow ever more near
To the life of our dreams, to a place where we can all be free.

briyan: “What is ‘free’?

Free is a feeling of joy and unbounded liberty
The knowledge that your life is yours to live without fear or jeopardy
It’s the sweet scent of freedom, the breath of fresh air that lets us be.





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