10-Speed Guillotine – Laptop Appetizers (cassette, 1990)


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 12/26/2006:

Central and Alois have created a collection of pieces which incorporate elements of dance (propelled by driving, sequenced rhythms), industrial, experimental electronics, sound collage, and noise which both peaks your interests with its depth and execution, while being engaging and powerful. Highly recommended.

Media: cassette.

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Bandcamp URL: https://jeffcentral.bandcamp.com/album/laptop-appetizers




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From the first moments, listeners are enveloped in a muffled blanket of magnesium oxide, where random audio snippets—voices, sounds, mechanical clicks, and clacks of Walkmans—create a collage that feels both familiar and disorientingly novel.gajoobzine.com/albums/x1-the-art-of-k7-vol-2/

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