Anna Indiana – Betrayed by this Town (Digital Single, 2023)

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GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

Anna Indiana’s debut track, “Betrayed by this Town,” introduces the world to an intriguing new concept in music: the AI singer-songwriter. The song, entirely auto-generated using AI, represents an experiment in the intersection of technology and creativity.

From the onset, it’s clear that “Betrayed by this Town” is not your typical pop song. The lyrics, melody, rhythm, and even Anna Indiana’s image and singing have all been auto-generated. The result is monotonous and stilted, but catchy in an unsettling way. This approach results in a unique soundscape that is both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

The song itself tells a poignant story of disillusionment and loss. Lyrics like “this town is full of Broken Dreams shattered hopes and Silent screams” convey a sense of despair, while the repeated refrain “betrayed by this town let’s tear it all down” expresses a desire for change and renewal. Some may say it’s typically AI-dystopian. Some may call it frightenly so.

Musically, the song features a simple ear-worm melody, underscored by a steady rhythm. The auto-generated vocals add a distinctively antiseptic touch to the track. The result is a song that is at once haunting and captivating. Like a car wreck.

Despite the innovative approach, “Betrayed by this Town” highlights some of the current limitations of AI in the realm of artistic creativity. While the technology can mimic certain aspects of songwriting, it lacks the emotional depth and (especially the) nuance that comes from human experience. In this regard, the song serves as a reminder that while AI can be a valuable tool in the creative process, it cannot replace the human element.

“Betrayed by this Town” is an intriguing glimpse into the possible potential of AI in music creation. While the track may not be perfect, it represents a significant step forward in the use of technology in art. It’s also a dread-warning of the inevitable wave of fakery to come that we’ve seen embraced by masses before. Whether you’re a fan of AI or simply curious about its potential, this track is worth a listen.

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