Baneemy – The Walter Martin Cult (cassette, 1990)


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, :

Walter Martin was a fundamentalist bible airwave evangelist. WMC is a pointed attack against his ”answer-all” approach to bullshit preaching over 120 minutes of seamless wonder. Stylistically, Baneemy take influences ranging from The Violent Femmes to The Residents to The Beatles. Basically, the main instrument is a very melodic acoustic guitar. played with a lot of soul. Occasionaf keyboards rise up to round it all out, while all sorts of recording effects are employed with subtle skill. This is music for thought. Deep thought The meaning of evangelistic greed and hypocracy. What price Faith? This is not an attack borne of some sort of nihilistic frenzy, although a certain defensiveness rears its head on occasion. Loaded with feeling on a million and one levels. This is a must-have you must get. posting.

Media: cassette.






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I wanted to write a song about the ambiguity of that movie and the ambiguity of everything when we’re young, how we playact good and bad behavior in order to figure out who we are.Sarah Coolidge

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