Cane – self-titled

(cassette, 1995)

GAJOOB Archive No.0898


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 5/13/1995:

This one’s a real gem. Cane would fit well in the Shrimper catalog of solo artist tapes, although Kravitz fleshes her songs out with fuller instrumentation; which is not to say these are “orchestrated” pieces of work by any stretch. Kravitz has an excellent ear for recording guitar. I love how she mixes clean electric guitar with some seriously distorted riffs, even combining feedback and melody. “Find a Way” is a great song, among others here which have the stuff of punk and blues and modern rock. Sound quality may be a little raw for some, but well worth it.

Media: cassette.

CONTACT: Ana Kravitz, 162 Cherry St., Katonah, NY 10536, USA





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