CassetteCourtesy Patrol – Razor Clocks (Cassette, 1986)


I found a review of Razor Clocks in Option Magazine in 1986 and ordered a copy. It was one of the first homemade cassette albums I got and it started a lifelong love for this kind of underground music.

Courtesy Patrol was Tom Furgas playing most instruments and doing the recording production and Bill Lehman, vocals and lyrics. Barrett Sinclair plays guitars on many tracks and there a few others joining in with vocals help on a track or two.

That this album existed was a revelation to me. The whole homemade vibe was instantly fascinating. And the packaging was also part of the appeal with its xeroxed cover and handmade lyric booklet. Notice the lines along the fold chopping off the trumpet player’s head.

I played this tape a lot. The plastic shell shows signs of being out in the heat of a car in a Utah summer or two, surely.

Lyric booklet




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