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Following up on the critical acclaim of their previous two records, The Mission Faucet (2000) and Up With Chantigs (1998), the San Francisco, CA-based four piece, Chantigs, deliver their finest studio work to date, Four Hats Rodent Records(2001). Combining their signature California harmonies, moody melodies and psychedelic pop ethos, fans globally agree Four Hats is forty three minutes of time well spent with your ed player.

This latest recording from the unique foursome continue Chantigs journey into odd instrumentaion and strange arrangements. Greg Turner’s mad scientist-like vocals on “Vicious Halo” start the recordings off in a n time. Bassist Matt Slavnik croons his way thru the finely-crafted pop gem, “Cables and Wires”. Drummer Josh Bevelacqua tells the girl to “go on and have a good time” in the cubist fantasy of Frazzled Funtime and Elton provides some modulated jupiter and discordant drumming in the somber closer “Captain Couch”.

Critics have called Chantigs and their previous two releases, “delightfully askew,” while fans from around the world say they just need more. The San Francisco Bay Guardian called The Mission Faucet a “welcome turn-of-century offering that marries digital perks to pop’s analog classicism.” BAM Magazine called Up with Chantigs “proof positive that not all San Francisco bands are stuck in some generic rut.”

Four Hats is just one of several new Rodent Records releases showcasing the “best of the best” in the SF Bay Area’s psychedelic power pop movement. Other records just out include Space Age is Now, from the Knittles and the self-titled debut record Bevelacqua. Founded in 1994, Rodent Records also offers a full catalog of releases from artists including Shmoogie, Kung Fu USA, 50 million, The Clap band, Kirby Grips and the Cubby Creatures.

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