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Chris Ballew first came to GAJOOB #5 (spring 1990) with the band project EGG, an artist collective from Somerville, MA, USA. They were included on the first GAJOOBilation cassette tape with their song, Sperm Factory from their Smell Me Fist cassette.

In 1997 I was gathering songs for GAJOOB’s first CD comp and as I was searching the web for EGG and Ballew, I discovered he was singing in The Presidents of the United States of America. The phone number I had on file was his mother’s number. She was very nice.

I did manage to hook up with Chris for the feature interview in Homemade Music Magazine’s debut issue.

From around 2010-2022, Ballew was making a fantastic catalog of children’s music and is currently releasing a series of albums for adulting folks again in a psychedelic/loop/rock style that is also extremely awesome to my ears.

Chris Ballew’s Bandcamp page, October 2022





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