Dan Rhetoric – Audio Comix #19 & #20 (cassette, 1992)

GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 9/26/1993:

Here are two issues of Dan Rhetoric’s ongoing Audio Comix tape series. The tone is seriously science fiction, with cyber this and that, such as space assassins and the like. Rhetoric’s style basically amounts to narration over various music bits. Sometimes an actual song is thrown in as part of the story. (Try incorporating more drama and more characterizations to offset the narration, such as the robot voice near the end of Assassins From Another Age). I really like the idea of DIY cassette drama/story-telling and while Rhetoric could fatten up the thin sound of his drum machine, as well as cool it a bit on the self-promotional story interruptions (“Buy Audio Comix!”), I recommend trying Rhetoric’s version of it.

Media: cassette.

PRICE: $10.00

CONTACT: Flamco Audio Comix, New York, NY





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