Dumpster Times #7

GAJOOB Archive #4560

AudioAnarchy is the first cassette version of my print zine DumpsterTimes. I asked for contributions from some friends and this is what they tossed into the Dumpster. My own work on the tape reflects my love of improvisational theatre. Everything not attributed to a spe­cific text was improvised. This was my first time playing with a 4-track, and thanks to Dave Schall for production help!

Wendy S. Duke, submission notes

I’d like to hear more tapes like this one. Like Wendy Duke says this Is a cassette version of her anarchist ztne. The tape starts off with a couple people interviewing passersby at the Anti-Art Festival In Cleveland. Most people seemed to be looking for unique entertalnment and most disagreed with the principles of the Art Strike. The loose feel in these interviews is maintained throughout this tape with a few songs, some poetry and whatnot readings (most notably from Paul Weinman who gives his ever-present work a whole new feel) and audio “theater.” There’s a lot of humor here. One presents us a panel show discussion on the word, “Fuck,” and how to use it properly. Having done that, they give us the radio-playable version. Recommended.  

Bryan Baker, GAJOOB #7

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I believe in finding the innate truth behind the music, and bringing that forward. I listened to the feeling and rhythm, letting the tempo become ingrained on my soul. And then I sped it all up twice as fast and sang about dicks.Matthew Lee aka Sausage Boy

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