Exploring AI Imagery: The Best Advice – The people closest to you knows you best

In my continuing exploration of creative artificial intelligence image generation, I submitted lines from my audio composition, The Best Advice. The words in the track were themselves an exploration in auto generation by way of Twitter, having searched for the phrase, “the best advice,” and gleaning each line in the song from the Twitterverse.

Click to play The Best Advice

by Blind Mime Ensemble.

Here are ten images from our friend, Jasper.

The text that Jasper generates is fascinating to me. It’s like the creative poetry that treats letters as art. I notice the AI playing loose with facial features and appendages in this one, drawing hair where eyes normally would appear in a couple of the characters. Arms stretched. I’m impressed with how Jasper handles symmetry. There’s balance in this image and the ones that follow.

The coloring in this one is similar to another in this series. Jasper is employing a trending color scheme. It seems to be the year of beige and earth tones.

Black and white, mixed media. I love the motion in this graphic.

More earthy colors. Women dominate this series. Does AI believe women have more friends that know them best? It’s probably true.

This one has as a mix of asian street scene with a kind of odd nod to 70’s hippie graphics in the lower left corner.

I think this is my favorite image in the series. The movement is wonderful and really captures female friendship.

This one strays from the theme, I think. The primary female characters in the foreground perhaps are saying they know each other best and people in the background don’t. So maybe this one is actually capture the idea best.

The AI know art deco. I like the swing of this. Jasper often cuts off elements and I don’t mind.

Kind of hippie, earthy, folksy. I like the wide range mix of characters that is at the same time fitting in a possible group of friends; if that makes any sense.

Another red and black which is a favorite. I like the shading in the facial tone; different than the red and black art deco in a previous image.

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I wanted to write a song about the ambiguity of that movie and the ambiguity of everything when we’re young, how we playact good and bad behavior in order to figure out who we are.Sarah Coolidge

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