Fantasy Land – ADULT (Cassette, 2023)


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

Fantasy Land’s debut album, “ADULT,” is a sonic journey that is as perplexing as it is captivating. Formed during the constraints of lockdown, David deBarra, Jack Sheehan, and Isabel Gordon have crafted an album that is both an exploration of the absurd and a heartfelt tribute to their shared musical vision.

The album presents itself as a bizarre folk-electro-pop hybrid, executed with a level of confidence that is palpable. It is an odd yet fascinating fusion of styles and sounds that are at times silly, other times genius, but always intriguing. The album is like a diamond in the rough – raw and unpolished, yet sparkling with potential.

The tracklist, featuring songs such as “Some Shite,” “Fuzzy Puppies,” and “Windswept Cunts,” to name a few, is emblematic of the band’s idiosyncratic approach to music. Each song is a unique blend of discordant yet harmonious sounds that reflect the band’s belief that “madness is the truth of knowledge” and “dischord is the well of cadence.”

The limited-edition cassette format adds another layer of uniqueness to the album, complete with artwork by the band and an accompanying cryptic crossword designed by Jack. This physical manifestation of the album feels like a tangible piece of the Fantasy Land universe, a token of their unorthodox ethos.

While “ADULT” may not be for everyone, it is an album that demands attention. Its blend of folk, electro, and pop, combined with its absurdist lyrics, creates a listening experience that is at once jarring and mesmerizing. If you’re open to a sonic adventure that pushes the boundaries of conventional music, then Fantasy Land’s debut album might just be your next favorite listen.

In the end, “ADULT” is a testament to Fantasy Land’s creative prowess and their potential for future growth. As they continue to explore and push their musical boundaries, it will be interesting to see where this idiosyncratic group goes next.

Media: Cassette.

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