GAJOOBilation 7.1


Cassette | 1990

Issue 7 of the magazine was published with 7 compilation cassettes, featuring tracks from many of the albums reviewed in GAJOOB Zine #7.

The cover was designed by me on a Mac SE in Typestyler. Duplicated on a black toner Xerox on Astrobrite Gamma Green cover stock, hand scored and inserted into clear cassette shells. I purchased a bulk order of cassette labels for the shells and hand wrote the volume information.

The cassettes were dubbed in real time on the dual cassette machines I had at the time.

I guess there were less than 100 of any one cassette distributed; maybe a couple dozen people purchased the entire set of tapes. The tapes were mostly sold to people who appeared on them. That’s something that continues to dishearten me.

01 Wendy S. Duke – Pledge of  Allegiance 

From the tape Dumpster Times #7

Published by   Audio Anarchy, Akron, OH, USA 

02 Hermanos Guzanos – Knuckles

from their tape, Back in the Alley

Published by   Guzbro Tapes, Bakersfield, Ca 

03  Flammable Mammals – Circadian Rhythm

from their tape, Circadian Rhythm

Published by   Glenn LePine, Elk Grove, CA 

04 Albert Huffstickler – Intimacy

from the tape, Austin Poets Audio Anthology Project

Published by   Perfection Productions, Austin, TX 

05 Ken Clinger – Canon 1990

from his tape, KCM03-KCM04

Published by   Ken Clinger, Pittsburgh, PA 

06 Jim Bishop – excerpt

from his self-titled tape

Published by   Instigation, West Covina, CA 

07 Ramblin’ Willie – Travelin’ Blues

from Willie and the Hand Factory’s self-titled tape

Published by   Ramblin’ Willie, Winterville, GA 

08 Dave Easley – Eerie Road

from his Under a Pagan Moon tape

Published by  Dave Easley,  Hammond, LA 

09 Chris Wind – 3:40

from her Rocks and Trees tape

Published by   Magenta, Sundridge, Ontario, Canada 

10 Zzaj – Speakeasy

from his Rogue Sea Merchants tape

Published by   Dick Metcalf, APO, San Francisco 

11 Trust Obey – The Dark

from the tape, The Veil

Published by   John Bergin, Kansas City, MO 

12 Secret Archives of the Vatican – Torc of Twisted Gold

from the tape, White Flower of the Blackberry

Published by Vince Millet, Surrey, Great Britain, UK

13 K.D. Schmitz – Regardless (excerpt)

from his tape, No Progress

Published by K.D. Schmitz, Pleasant Valley, NY

14 Solanaceau Tau – Saxon Invasion

from he tape, Outdoor Experience

Published by IRRE Tapes, Kindsbach, Germany

15 Armand & the Mouse Orchestra – Moondream

from he 2-tap set, Early Squeaks Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Published by McDonald, Burbank, CA

16 Eric Muhs & Myles Boiden – In the Hold

from he tape, Notochord

Published by Eric Muhs, Aptos, Ca

17 Ken Rubenstein – The Filth in Peter’s Cellar

from his tape, The Five Year  Sentence

Published by Ken Rubenstein, Garfield, NJ

18 Areknuteknyterne – Hole in the Wall

from their tape, “hos fotografen” Best of 1984-89

Published by Hypertonia World Enterprises, Bergen, Norway





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