Help Dreamtime Village Pay Off Its Back Taxes

Dreamtime Village, a beloved community space, is reaching out for help to overcome a significant financial hurdle. The village, renowned for its contributions to the local community, is facing back taxes that urgently need to be paid off. To address this challenge, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched, calling on the generosity of people who value community spaces and the unique role they play.

Dreamtime and Xexoxial Endarchy with Miekal And and Lyx Ish have been seen in GAJOOB pages since its earliest years. And hometapers and related artists have resided there and workshopped there. Let’s help keep it going if you can.

The Campaign

The campaign’s goal is simple yet crucial: to raise enough funds to settle the back taxes and ensure Dreamtime Village can continue its operations without interruption. Contributions can be made quickly and easily, with the assurance that donations are protected by the GoFundMe Giving Guarantee.

So far, the response has been promising. Donations have started pouring in, illustrating the community’s support and the widespread recognition of Dreamtime Village’s importance.

Dreamtime Village isn’t just a physical space; it represents a hub for creativity, community engagement, and cultural development. By supporting the campaign, donors are helping to preserve a valuable community resource. This fundraising effort is more than just about paying off taxes—it’s about sustaining the spirit and mission of Dreamtime Village.

How to Contribute

Donating to the campaign is straightforward. You can visit the GoFundMe page for Dreamtime Village and make a contribution that fits your budget. Every donation, no matter the size, moves the campaign closer to its goal. The platform also provides options to fundraise for various causes such as medical emergencies, education, nonprofit initiatives, and crisis relief, making it a versatile tool for community support.

To contribute or learn more about the campaign, visit the GoFundMe page for Dreamtime Village.





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