Mental Anguish – Asshole (cassette, 1989)


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 4/1/1989:

The liner notes on this state that, “This one is dedicated to Craig…. for his non support of nothing but himself!!!!! Thanx to Craig no conterfest 88 for me!!!!!! Fuck you asshole!!!!!! HaHaHaHa Asshole!!!!! HaHoHaHo Asshole!!!!” And no, they didn’t sign it with love. Anyway, this tapes reflects that sort of hostility very well. You get menacing vocals from Hell and screams-from-the-depths guitar, and all sorts of other noise. There is one song that is rather nice, with it’s vibe-like keyboard sound and underlying distorted guitars. A much needed break by the time side two rolls around, if I do say so.

Media: cassette.

PRICE: n/a

CONTACT: Ed Canfield, ECTO TAPES (defunct)




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