More Ephemerol – Apotheosis Pageant (Vinyl, Digital, 2023)


GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

“Apotheosis Pageant” by More Ephemerol, released May 12, 2023, harks back to the classic era of indie synthpop. The LA-based duo, C. Fjerstad and Tamara Sky, have created an album that marries vintage analog and digital instruments with modern production methods, resulting in a captivating sonic experience.

The ten-track album opens with “Colossi,” a pulsating tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album. This is followed by “Last Wave Calling,” a track that showcases the duo’s ability to create engaging melodies and catchy hooks.

“Glamour Victim” and “Song of Sceptre” continue the trend, offering listeners a blend of retro synthpop vibes and modern production techniques. “Fertile Energy,” the fifth track, stands out with its retro-tinged video, resonating with the spirit, power, and elegance of femininity.

The latter half of the album does not disappoint either. Tracks like “Cult Classics” and “Secrecy” further demonstrate More Ephemerol’s mastery of their craft.

What stands out about “Apotheosis Pageant” is the meticulous attention to detail. The album was mixed and produced by Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios in L.A., with Josh Bonati handling the mastering. The result is a polished, professional sound that enhances the overall listening experience.

More Ephemerol is a celebration of the enduring appeal of synthpop. With its catchy melodies, engaging hooks, and superb production values, this album is a must-listen for any fan of the genre.

Media: Vinyl, Digital.





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There seems to be structure; but it’s obliterated by a mix that strangles the music when the vocalist comes

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