The Miracle – Choir Boys From Jupiter

(Cassette, 1989) No.4191


Instruments – Ashley Edwards, Chris Culhane, Dave Clark, Ed Fowler, Evan Cantor, Jeanne Strzelewicz, Joe Ketola, Lauren Swain, Leo Goya, Little Fyodor Notes The music on this tape is a series of excerpt from an entirely improvised one-shot session (no overdubs) performed and recorded at Fanfar Studio in Golden, CO on July 8, 1989

GAJOOB Review by Briyan Frederick:

Got a chance to see The Miracle performing on video from a tape of Offbeat, the new cable access show produced by Darrell Dreager and the guys frorn Hermanos Guzanos and it provided me some insight into just how impromptu and spontaneous their work is. The particular piece I saw showed little Fyodor bouncing a ping pong ball in a metal trash can lid, catching it and spinning it around the circle and tossing it back up in the air. After a few moments someone else picked up another lid and the two played catch with them. And this is just a section of a wide variety of sounds that comes off, surprising or not, sounding fairly cohesive, for the most part. I especially enjoyed the sections which featured what Fyodor terms “pzychedelic” guitar. This tape shows something different upon each listen.

Media: Cassette.





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