The National – The First Two Pages Of Frankenstein (Digital, 2023)


ARTIST/LABEL NOTES: First Two Pages of Frankenstein is The National’s ninth studio album. This 11-song collection signals a new chapter in the band’s discography. Anchored by evocative melodies and an enthralling lyrical narrative, First Two Pages of Frankenstein finds The National sounding more creatively energized than ever and poised to earn them even more fans. The album was produced by the band at Long Pond Studios in upstate New York and features guest appearances by Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens.


The National’s “The First Two Pages Of Frankenstein” is a unique and riveting piece, showcasing the band’s ability to weave intricate narratives through their music. With its haunting melody and evocative lyrics, the song draws listeners into the eerie world of Mary Shelley’s classic novel.

From the opening notes, the track sets a somber and contemplative tone. The band’s signature blend of indie rock and post-punk elements are on full display here, creating an immersive soundscape that perfectly complements the song’s narrative focus.

The lyrics, inspired by the initial pages of “Frankenstein,” are a testament to the band’s literary sensibilities. They manage to capture the essence of the novel’s themes, exploring the nature of creation and the consequences of unchecked ambition. The melancholic vocals add another layer of depth, conveying a sense of longing and regret that resonates powerfully.

One of the standout aspects of the song is its arrangement. The interplay between the guitars and drums creates a dynamic rhythm that drives the song forward, while the subtle use of strings adds a layer of complexity and sophistication.

In conclusion, “The First Two Pages Of Frankenstein” is a testament to The National’s ability to create music that is not only musically engaging but also rich in narrative and thematic depth. It’s a captivating listen that stays with you long after the final note has played, much like the novel that inspired it.

Media: Digital.

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