the norm (cassette, 1987)

Listing #1828

GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 4/1/1989:

Almost endearing songs done in an almost punk vein which, nonetheless, focus on some hardhitting things and slamming some pretty big balls to the ‘ol preverbial wall. “Sammy and Brian” is about the average U.S. citizen’s ultimately apathetic way of life. “Prostitution” is about the pimping of big-business music. “Ill Wind” has words like, “Yet it’s not just the mongers that are in the wrong/We’re just as crazy to let it go on this long.” And the norm never let’s up. These songs are literally screaming for a sweaty vein-popping band to carry ’em where they’re wanting to go. Then stand back– the norm could very well become the ultimate misnomer.

Media: cassette.

CONTACT: Ernie Noise Enterprises, Kingston, Ontario, Canada





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