The Smiling Buddhas – Never Ever Forever (Digital, 2023)

Artist/Label Notes:

When listening to “Never Ever Forever” you don’t start an acoustic journey, you are not taken to a far away place musically. It’s more like the music pieces reveal the band’s working method. “Swells, Layers, Breaks” is an ongoing motto in the band’s musical output, the same goes for rasende Schleifen (“Raving Loops”). And bass is also never enough on the recording (“Not Enough Bass”), while some pieces seem to dissolve in the working process (“Rip It Into Pieces of Sound”). “Scremo” is a musical dedication to a distortion tool by Alwin Weber. And then there’s always noise interferences in the recording studio (“Electro Magnetic Fields”), full of glitches that trigger something new again. The promise to never do it like that again is fortunately broken regularly (“Never Ever Forever”), only for the last track we couldn’t even think of a proper title. “404 C3” is hopefully the ticket code for a long-distance trip, so that The Smiling Buddhas can collect material for aural travelogues again.


released April 24, 2023

Musik, Electronics: The Smiling Buddhas
Foto, Cover: Wolfgang Dorninger

Media: Digital.

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