ToFuZaHo – All Points Forward (Digital, 1998)



GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker:

ToFuZaHo’s 1998 release, “All Points Forward,” is a standout selection in the ZH27 catalog. This album is a mesmerizing blend of analog and digital space synth work, coupled with a rich array of organic, acoustic sounds. ToFu is Tom Furgas and ZaHo is Zan Hoffman and there are a half dozen or more albums by the pair in the ZH27 library.

From the outset, the listener is swept away into a world where sound takes center stage. Tom’s expertise in space synth is evident in every track, creating a sonic landscape that is both enchanting and engaging.

The addition of meticulously gathered organic, acoustic sound sources adds a layer of depth and complexity to the album. These elements, born from a dream, infuse the music with a sense of authenticity and originality that sets it apart. The organism is alive.

The result is an album that feels like a journey through time and space, offering a unique perspective on the interplay between synth and acoustic sounds. It’s a testament to the power of creativity and the art of sound mixing. It’s an album that demands attention and rewards the listener with an immersive, captivating sonic experience.

Media: Digital.





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There seems to be structure; but it’s obliterated by a mix that strangles the music when the vocalist comes