Trailer Court Flambé – Black Graft (Cassette 1999)


More industrialized beats (this time leaning towards the Throbbing Gristle side of things) with the added bonus of a nails-on-the-chalkboard aesthetic. The sense is a bit darker than the above tape but the same kind of thing. Lots of experimentation adds spice to this genre and makes each artist different than the other. I guess I’m saying that although this tape and 0781kt play the same kind of music that’s not the same thing as saying they’re interchangeable with each other. Both have a good reason all on their own for searching them out if you’re into this sort of thing. They’re both good, both pushing the envelope of what’s possible under these conditions.

John Gore, GAJOOB


The cassette album was packaged in two pieces of black plastic, stapled together with painted art on one side (as shown). Inside the package was all the material below.

Cassette Case – Art is on transparent film with a white card stock insert behind it.
Credits on a Photo Print Foldover Card
Back of Postcard
Front of Postcard
Photo Print




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There seems to be structure; but it’s obliterated by a mix that strangles the music when the vocalist comes

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