Print & Play: The Art of Letterpress Printing with LEGO

In the ever-evolving world of printmaking, innovation often comes from the most unexpected places. For Martijn van der Blom and Roy Scholten, LEGO bricks have become a cornerstone of their creative process. Since 2013, the duo has been using these iconic plastic blocks to create unique and captivating letterpress prints, culminating in the recently released bi-lingual publication, Print & Play: The Art of LEGO Letterpress.

The Journey Begins

Martijn van der Blom initiated the journey by experimenting with LEGO bricks to build printable compositions. This venture quickly gained momentum when he partnered with Roy Scholten. Their first collaborative project, the Dino cards, marked the beginning of what would become a prolific printmaking career. Over the years, they have produced hundreds of prints, each showcasing the versatility and charm of LEGO-based letterpress art.

Showcasing Creativity: Six Projects

The recently published Print & Play: The Art of LEGO Letterpress highlights six distinct projects that exemplify the characteristics of printing with LEGO bricks. One particularly eye-catching series is the “50 Birds” project by Roy Scholten. This series captures fifty bird species found in The Netherlands, leveraging the diverse shapes, colors, and patterns achievable with LEGO bricks.

Architectural Typography: The QUNZ Typeface

In 2016, Martijn van der Blom embarked on creating a unique typeface named QUNZ. Employing an architectural approach, Martijn treated each character as if it were a building. These intricate compositions are preserved in a typecase, ready to be used in various printmaking projects. The QUNZ typeface regularly features in Martijn’s works, adding a distinctive touch to his creations.

Celebrating a Decade of Innovation

To celebrate a decade of their groundbreaking work, Martijn and Roy launched Print & Play: The Art of LEGO Letterpress during the Drukkunstbeurs (Printing Arts Fair) in Amersfoort on October 28, 2023. This limited-edition publication (250 copies) showcases the breadth and depth of their LEGO letterpress artistry and is available for purchase through Tacit Studio.

The Hilversum Method: An Exhibition

Accompanying the book launch, the Grafisch Atelier Hilversum is hosting an exhibition titled “The Hilversum Method.” This exhibition, running from November 19, 2023, to February 3, 2024, presents selected works from the past ten years of LEGO letterpress prints. Visitors can experience firsthand the original works featured in the book, as well as new collaborative prints by Martijn and Roy.

A New Chapter in Printmaking

The innovative use of LEGO bricks in printmaking by Martijn van der Blom and Roy Scholten is a testament to their creativity and willingness to push the boundaries of traditional techniques. Print & Play: The Art of LEGO Letterpress not only celebrates their achievements but also invites others to explore the playful intersection of art and childhood nostalgia.





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