Arturia MiniFreak

Arturia’s MiniFreak 6-voice synthesizer comes as a nice surprise to many of us synth crazy home recording artists. In many ways it’s an upgrade from the awesome little MicroFreak. The name gives that away. But in many ways it’s getting its own freak on.

Like many of you other synth crazy unfortunates reading this, I watch all the synth channels on youtube and everybody seems to have gotten the MiniFreak well ahead of its release to us plebes and they’ve been raving about it.

So something resonated with me in all the blathering because I had room on the Gear Card and pre-ordered mine straight away.

Eventually the fateful day arrived and my MiniFreak showed up on my porch in a huge box, at least twice the instrument’s size, wrapped very, very generously in a bubble wrap cocoon.





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I wanted to write a song about the ambiguity of that movie and the ambiguity of everything when we’re young, how we playact good and bad behavior in order to figure out who we are.Sarah Coolidge