Busy Beaver Button Co.

The Chicago-based Busy Beaver Button Co. is a creative hub that believes in the importance of expression, sharing ideas, and building community. With a broad catalog of products ranging from custom buttons, magnets, lapel magnets, bottle openers, mirrors, button packs, stickers, die-cut stickers, enamel pins, to special finishes, they have been turning imaginative concepts into shareable items since their inception.

Their website is easy to navigate, with clear menus for their diverse product offerings, the industries they serve, resources, and about section. They cater to a wide range of industries including band merchandise, bars & restaurants, breweries, campaigns, colleges, gamers, healthcare, LGBTQ, libraries, museums, nonprofits, podcasts, retailers, subscription boxes, and wholesale distributors.

The company champions eco-friendly manufacturing. They offer hemp paper buttons and are committed to green manufacturing practices, reflecting their consciousness towards environmental sustainability. The video below has a section about their recent move into a new space and underscores this attitude.

Busy Beaver also operates the Button Museum, preserving the history and showcasing the design of buttons throughout the years. This initiative underscores their love for buttons and their commitment to the community.





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