Call For Submissions: In the Dark London: 17 May 2024

In The Dark London, in collaboration with Transmission Roundhouse, is excited to announce a call for entries for their upcoming audio celebration event, “What’s New?” This unique gathering aims to showcase the innovative works of new and emerging audio producers or established creators venturing into new territories of sound craftsmanship. The event is dedicated to celebrating stories told through sound in novel and experimental ways, providing a platform for voices that are often unheard or underrepresented in the mainstream media.

Event Details:

  • Deadline for Submissions: Friday, 17th May 2024, by 11:59 pm BST
  • Event Date: Monday, 19th August
  • Location: Dalston Curve Garden, London
  • Tickets: Available for booking online

Who Should Apply? The call is open to early-career makers with less than two years of experience in audio production, as well as more experienced individuals who still consider themselves “inexperienced” due to various reasons. Whether you have been creating for a while without gaining significant exposure or are trying something entirely new in your craft, this opportunity is for you.

Criteria for Submission:

  • The event seeks to explore the concept of “newness,” which can vary widely among individuals. It’s not solely about age, experience, or tenure in the industry; it’s also about bringing fresh perspectives or experimenting with distinctive styles.
  • Submissions can come from a variety of backgrounds and need not have received prior radio play, awards, or significant public attention.
  • Creative pivots in craft are encouraged, including first attempts at sound design, personal storytelling, or producing one’s own ideas from start to finish.
  • Each applicant is required to meet only one of the criteria outlined, emphasizing the inclusive and broad nature of this call.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Works in any language are welcome, but non-English submissions should include an English transcript.
  • All genres and styles of creative audio are welcome, with a focus on originality over pure interviews or chat-based content.
  • Submissions can be of any vintage, provided the creator currently identifies with the theme of “newness.”
  • Applicants may submit a single piece up to 15 minutes in length or up to three pieces, each under 5 minutes. Excerpts from longer works should function as standalone pieces.
  • Collaborations are welcome if the team consists primarily of producers fitting the call’s criteria.

Compensation and Intellectual Property:

  • Selected producers will receive an honorarium of £50. Importantly, In The Dark will not retain any intellectual property rights for the featured works, ensuring creators maintain ownership and control over their productions.

This event represents a significant opportunity for audio producers looking to break into the scene, share their work with a wider audience, and engage with a community of like-minded creators. It’s an invitation to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas, and contribute to a diverse and vibrant audio landscape.

For further details, submission forms, or inquiries, potential applicants are encouraged to visit the official website of In The Dark Radio.




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