Explore the Ultimate Resource for Circuit Bent Music Making by Reed Ghazala

For fans of circuit bent music making and those who remember the reviews of Reed Ghazala’s cassettes and articles in GAJOOB from the early ’90s, there’s exciting news. Due to popular demand, Reed Ghazala has made an updated book/PDF set available for just $10.

As the copyright holder and sole authorized distributor, Ghazala guarantees that the PDF is professionally produced and certified virus-free. To make this offer even more special, an additional set of three PDFs is included at no extra cost. This bundle features a SUPER assortment of over 100 full-color photographs of Ghazala’s original instruments, many of which are highlighted in the book.

Within these pages, discover creations that Ghazala made for musical legends such as Tom Waits, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, O.R.k), Rob Schwimmer (Simon and Garfunkel), Towa Tei, Yann Tomita, Chris Cutler (Art Bears, The Residents), Blur, Peter Gabriel, David Harrington (Kronos Quartet), Faust, Cul de Sac, and other notable musicians.

The package also includes a freshly revised Casio SK-1 correction sheet, featuring sharper text and updates—marking its first appearance in print. Additionally, all the original incantor schematics from the Anti-Theory Workshop are part of the package. These private drawings, which formed the basis for the book’s schematics, showcase many experimental bends not found in the book. These schematics should be approached with caution as they remain experimental.

The drawings, captured in Ghazala’s quick shop style adorned with unique stamp art borders, offer a glimpse into the creative process in The Anti-Theory Workshop. From friendly raccoons peeking through the window to occasional bird visits, each sketch carries its own story. Some drawings even bear the marks of being stepped on, adding to their authenticity.

Among the treasures included are the classic Bent Buddha Box schematic (now with updated text), a guide to building mag-patch cords first introduced online, a full-color switch-buying guide focused on surplus switches, and an errism treatise on suminagashi paper. Also featured are the first Bent BE IN poster, early Bent Fest NYC posters, a LABS presentation in the MTV building, and sketches ranging from serious to whimsical musical ideas and instruments.

Additional content features early Sound Theater material from Ghazala’s house cassette label, press clippings including a trigon incantor in WIRED’s Fetish section, and a shot of the early Cat Box from the New York Times (Bent Fest at The Tank). Vintage black-and-white photos of The Source (the world’s first bent band), a humorous shot of John Fahey with one of Ghazala’s incantors, and personal pictures with rescued cats and raccoons round out the collection. In total, there are nearly 200 additional images to explore—TONS to see.

This informative package can be viewed as a slideshow using Acrobat, Preview, or various other applications. For authors, it could serve as a rich foundation for research or writing, with assistance available for any such projects.

The complete verified PDF remains priced at $10, with the three-piece supplementary set included for free. However, if financial constraints are an issue, contact Ghazala to work something out. Understanding those challenges, the goal is to share this labor of love.

For those who believe this resource is worth more, support is appreciated, but the primary goal is to make it accessible. Simply message to express interest, and PayPal details will be provided for immediate delivery via Messenger.

This package is both fun and informative, making it a fantastic companion to the book for those who already own it. For anyone passionate about circuit bending, it promises to be an invaluable resource.

Reach out and secure your copy today!




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