Gamegerm is an innovative audio recording game that resides on The project engages participants by presenting them with a random assortment of Tapegerm source files, with the challenge being to craft a recording utilizing each of these components.

This collective project thrives on the principle of collaboration – artists share loops and work together to develop the music over time. Gamegerm serves as a platform for musicians to experiment and produce distinct compositions using the available source files.

Since its inception in May 2000, Gamegerm has been fostering creativity and cooperative work within the music community. Rather than being a traditional instrument, Gamegerm stands as a unique sample pack project. For those interested in participating or learning more about this unique project, visit:




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I wanted to write a song about the ambiguity of that movie and the ambiguity of everything when we’re young, how we playact good and bad behavior in order to figure out who we are.Sarah Coolidge