I’m Running

At work, Garrett was in motivational mode to inspire us to get active. I sampled a bit of it as my own way of joining the melée. Think of this as stretching before an early morning run. It’s been a long night, if I’m honest. This is gonna take some prodding.

I chopped up and isolated Garrett’s voice and focused on “I’m Running” as a potential theme. I brought these into the Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II and created several freeform beats around a minimal melody on a stock KO organ sample. The percussion and bass are also from stock KO samples.

I renditioned a lot of performances on the KOII and ultimately stripped things down to a happy place and output a track to the Tascam DP24SD, a multitrack recorder my brother, Wayne, loaned to me so I could learn and show him how to work it.

I think I’m liking this addition to my creative workflow. It allows me to get something down quickly and then offload it to the Logic Pro X DAW as individual track stems via SD card.

Using the DP24SD has prompted new recordings using the Yamaha MODX and that’s used here in I’m Running, adding a couple synth beds around the KOII performance.

I may use this as prelude to a driving track that gets out and runs. Let’s see.




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I could never work in a recording studio where you have this lovely view and a beach and the waves are crashing. For me, it’s all about being in a tiny room with little windows. It’s almost like you have to be in a prison. And you can create beauty when you’re in that sort of deprived environment, which is a re-creation of your formative years.Madonna