In the Studio: Creating “I’m Running”

Garrett’s motivational speeches at work inspired the creation of “I’m Running.” Capturing snippets of his voice, the phrase “I’m Running” became a central theme. Using the Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O. II, several freeform beats were created around a minimal melody using a stock KO organ sample. The percussion and bass also utilized stock KO samples.

Multiple renditions were performed on the KOII, eventually pared down to a satisfying result. The track was then transferred to the Tascam DP24SD, a multitrack recorder, allowing for quick recording and offloading of individual track stems via SD card to the Logic Pro X DAW.

The Yamaha MODX was also used in the creation of “I’m Running,” adding a couple of synth beds around the KOII performance. This track may serve as the prelude to a more driving piece that truly gets out and runs.




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