MonkeyC Announces Rando Sampler

MonkeyC announces the release of a new software sampler called Rando by MonkeyC.

Rando is a unique software sampler that plays random parts of a loaded sample when a note-on message is received. It allows musicians to create unexpected and innovative sounds, making it a perfect tool for those who want to experiment with their music.

The software offers numerous features including adjustable sample start and end points, pitch control, a multimode filter, and an amplitude envelope. Musicians can adjust these parameters to fine-tune the randomness and achieve the desired sound.

MonkeyC’s Rando is available as a VST3 and AU plugin and is compatible with Mac and Windows. The company is offering a free trial version of the software, allowing users to test it out before deciding to purchase.

MonkeyC’s new software sampler, Rando, provides a unique platform for musicians to experiment with random sounds, offering a range of adjustable parameters for user control.





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