Neon: Revolutionizing MIDI Sequencing on iOS and macOS

In the ever-evolving world of music production, the quest for innovative tools that can enhance creativity and streamline workflows is perpetual. Enter Neon, a groundbreaking MIDI sequencer app designed for both iOS and macOS platforms, which promises to redefine the way musicians and producers approach sequencing. With its comprehensive set of generative tools and intuitive design, Neon is poised to become an indispensable asset in the arsenal of music creators.

Neon distinguishes itself with an array of features geared towards depth and versatility in musical sequencing. At its core, the app offers eight stages or patterns, each equipped with dedicated controls for pitch, pulse count, and gate mode. This foundational structure allows users to craft intricate sequences with ease, laying the groundwork for complex musical compositions.

However, it’s Neon’s modifier system that truly sets it apart. With up to eight stages, these modifiers can independently alter the main sequence, introducing a new layer of complexity and nuance. Users have access to a wide range of modifiers, including octave shifts, transposition, velocity adjustments, MIDI CC automation, pulse pattern variations, gate length modifications, ratchet effects, and clock division. This extensive selection empowers users to manipulate their sequences in highly creative ways, pushing the boundaries of conventional MIDI sequencing.

Moreover, Neon introduces an advanced mode for modifiers, a stage mask feature, trigger conditions, and a meta sequencer. These additional tools enable users to construct sequences that are not only complex but also dynamically responsive to various conditions, offering unparalleled control over the compositional process.

The app also supports built-in scales, further simplifying the creation of harmonically coherent sequences. Whether used as a standalone application or as an AUv3 MIDI plugin within a larger digital audio workstation (DAW) environment, Neon seamlessly integrates into any music production setup.

Available for a modest fee on the App Store, Neon represents a significant advancement in MIDI sequencing technology. Its combination of generative tools, user-friendly interface, and flexible application—both as a standalone tool and as part of a broader DAW ecosystem—makes it a compelling choice for musicians and producers seeking to explore new creative horizons.

For those intrigued by the potential of this innovative MIDI sequencer, more information can be found on SYNTH ANATOMY‘s detailed review and overview. Neon is not just a tool; it’s a catalyst for creativity, offering music creators a new realm of possibilities in their sequencing endeavors.

Of course, Jakob has a great overview on his channel, haQ attaQ:

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As the landscape of music production continues to evolve, tools like Neon play a crucial role in enabling artists to realize their visions with greater precision and imagination. With its release, Neon is set to become a staple in the creative processes of musicians and producers, marking a new chapter in the story of musical innovation.





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