Stop Liyng Compilation Project

I found this note on a city sidewalk yesterday afternoon.

Make a song about it. All styles welcome. Instrumentals too.

Send it to Musician Journal as a WAV file.

An album will result on bandcamp for a pay what you want.

3 download codes will be given to everyone appearing on the compilation.

Deadline is 10 PM, Sunday, October 1, 2023.


Thomas Park – Heavy Hum On The 5th

Recorded live and in 1 take at Loud On Seventh studio, downtown Saint Louis, MO USA by Thomas Park 07.20.2023 9 pm Central US time. Featured are 4 new percussion sets, with various items hung from aluminum racks using wire and duct tape, and a skipping 45 rpm record.

Briyan: Pictured above is Thomas Park’s percussion apparatus and he makes use of the reverberations of its various instruments along with a bed of drone hum as he conjures up a beautiful composition of sound. Love this.





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  1. Thomas Jackson Park Avatar

    Just sent you a track! Thanks.

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