Teenage Enginering PO-80 Record Factory

The Teenage Engineering website describes the PO-80 as:

PO-80 record factory is a compact and portable record cutter, made in collaboration with yuri suzuki. engrave and playback 5″ discs with ultra-analog lo-fi sound – simply plug in any audio device to the 3.5 mm audio input and cut your own record in an instant. yep, it’s really that simple.

Yuri Suzuki was also responsible for very similar vinyl cutting machine by Japanese publisher Gakken; and their magazine is included with TE’s product.

The video below by Databits reveiws the Gakken toy in detail:

Teenage Engineering has designed this as part of the pocket operator oevre; a lofi medium for sharing music in a personal, one-to-one fashion. Obviously this appeals to me since GAJOOB rose from the same kind of ethic with cassettes and one-to-one exchange.





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i was trying to present it as layers of skin being peeled away to get to the next section, with the glockenspiel over bryan’s piano loop, which was like the true inner self. and i kept thinking about michael jackson throughout the whole process.Jack Shite