Track Talk: Meeting Place Of the Heart

This track was prompted as a call for submissions in the Electronic Cottage group on Facebook. The call came from Claire Furchick Pannell of Dogpark Records for a compilation of recordings entitled Bombora.

Claire offered a sample pack of water sounds from a place close to her home in Perth, Australia. As a a guide to using the sounds she wrote:

We pay respects to elders past and present. We give thanks to all First Nations people for their continued custodianship of this boodja. The first people of the Manjoogoordap region were the Bindjareb people of the Noongar Nation, who named the locality Mandjoogoordap which translates to ‘meeting place of the heart’.

Noongar are the First Nations peoples who live in the south-west corner of Western Australia

Boodja is country.

I titled my track, “Meeting Place Of the Heart” and used it as a repeated refrain throughout. This was done on the OP-1‘s vocoder which was introduced in a firmware update the very week I was composing this track.




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