EP-133 K.O. II Update 1.2.0

Teenage Engineering’s K.O. II was updated today to 1.2.0 with the following:

  • support for new backup/restore feature in EP SAMPLE TOOL 
  • when doubling pattern length with SHIFT + RECORD + PLUS, automatically copy the existing notes.

example: when doubling length from two to four bars, the two new bars will be copies of the two first bars.

  • press SHIFT + RECORD + PLAY to record from pattern start.
  • press RECORD + ERASE + PLAY to record in overwriting mode.
  • various bug fixes and UI improvements

This update wasn’t without issue, as a major bug causing an inability to move to the next sequence without error was present, but patched the next day.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this one.






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i was trying to present it as layers of skin being peeled away to get to the next section, with the glockenspiel over bryan’s piano loop, which was like the true inner self. and i kept thinking about michael jackson throughout the whole process.Jack Shite