Youtube Channel Review: Blezz Beats

Blezz Beats is a swedish electronic/beats producer who features his Maschine in videos and course such as his Maschine Noobs Mastering School. He also offers a bunch of cool plugins and such on his website, along with activities artists can participate in.

Recent video topics in April 2022 were:

  • Live Soundation Collaboration (Soundation is Blezz’s community)
  • SmplTrek
  • A sample flip challenge
  • RC-20 in Maschine
  • Maschine 2.15 update with Auto Sampler
  • Sonicware’s Liven Bass and Beats workflow tutorial
  • A portable sampler review (SP-404 MKII killer?)
  • Disappearing Maschine beats
  • isotope Stutter Editing
  • An album release

There is a Discord channel with invites in Sample Flip video descriptions (join me!) where you can download challenge samples and join in the fun and get Bless reactions to flips.




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It’s a testament to their creativity and technical prowess that they’re able to construct such a complex sonic tapestry using a seemingly disparate array of sound