• Big City Orchestra – Painfull Audio Enema

    Big City Orchestra – Painfull Audio Enema

    (Cassette, 1989) No.4511 ARTIST/LABEL NOTES: cliff neighbors, rob wortman, robo, das. GAJOOB Review by Bryan Baker, 2/1/1991: Harsh electronics soundscape here, with percussion. Intense and challenging, although engendered with the…

  • GAJOOB 7 Sampler Series

    GAJOOB 7 Sampler Series

    I released eight 60-minutes tapes that were made available with GAJOOB #7. I reached out to everyone submitting something for review and asked if they wanted to appear on the…

  • GAJOOBilation 7.4

    GAJOOBilation 7.4

    This is the fourth volume in GAJOOB’s cassette compilation series published in conjunction with GAJOOB #7.

  • Dumpster Times #7


    GAJOOB Archive #4560 AudioAnarchy is the first cassette version of my print zine DumpsterTimes. I asked for contributions from some friends and this is what they tossed into the Dumpster.…

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