Tapegerm Collective – Adam Unbeat An Egg and Stayed In Bed Germinated

(Tapegerm Project, 2024)

Here’s a new project for early summer 2024.

Microdot Records has just released a 1987 cassette remaster of Adam Unbeat An Egg’s and Stayed in Bed album. I reach out to request sourcing it for a Tapegerm and permission is hereby granted. Please join me in the fun!

Get the album for $3 here: https://microdotrecords.bandcamp.com/album/and-stayed-in-bed-1987 (help support the label).

Microdot has provide 100 free download codes if money is tight (we get it).

Download the album and play with its sounds. When you’ve made something awesome for the project, submit it here.

Deadline is 29 June 2024. You may continue to submit tracks after the deadline and we’ll release additional volumes periodically and continue to link them here. and Stayed In Bed is a fun instrument to play so why not play it? Let’s hear it!

Get the Album

Volume One is now available. Contributors are linked there and below. The album is available for free or pay what you want if you wish to support more Tapegerms. Get a free download code if you want to add it to your purchases catalog on bandcamp. You may also get here on dabodab.

Participating Artists

Thomas Park – Hot Eggs In The Mojave

This remix uses Python-powered generative remixing and electro-acoustic parts recorded in my studio (“Studio 911”)– Saint Louis, MO USA on 05.28.2024.

Jim mckenna – EGG!!!

2 versions of a manipulated track from the source, mixed with part of a harsh noise track by me, and a manipulated sample of jeremy clarkson saying “an egg!”

Mischa Mathys – Hammer and a Snail (remix)

Anixas – NHP9

NHP9 = Big Bad Wolf + Not Again + Just Married + Mike Mustang Guitar via Honeytone amp
Loaded pieces of 3 tracks listed above into Audacity. Manipulated them and added some effects. Next, I found a guitar part that I had previously recorded and laid part of that on top of the other pieces and magically it fit right in place! Sounds like it is supposed to be there. Mixed all that down to a wav and uploaded it here.

Briyan Frederick – Scrambled Doodles

I dropped a bunch of Adam Unbeat samples from the tape into an EP-133 and improvised the basic track and added other things from Hainbach and a a couple Kontakt instruments. Truth be told, I played around and had a lot of fun just doing that. This tape is like an instrument of fun.

Plant Daddy (David In America) – Nobody loves Adriaan Vlok

Have worked in collaboration with Adam aka Charl Zero on many things, including a project by Plant Kingdom due for release shortly. Sampled multiple tracks from Stayed in Bed to create this in Bitwig. Thanks for hosting the project!

Adam Unbeat An Egg – And Stayed In Bed part 1

I’m so grateful and happy about this project. The entries I’ve heard so far all gave me intense joy. I found it stimulating and facinating to use my sound experiments from 40 years ago for new projects in 2024. I ended up putting three pieces together. Here is the first.

Adam Unbeat An Egg – And Stayed In Bed part 2

Adam Unbeat An Egg – And Stayed In Bed part 3

Amoraim – Laughing Shock

Joe da Silva on guitar, jayO on Synth’s & samples from AUAE

NinjaHZA – Cliche (NinjaHZA RMX)

His music is so wide and sparse and dense at the same time. All sonic aspects are from the original track – i did split the tracks using the usual tools. The only non track sample was the kick

Strattanpossum – Humpty Dumpty Omelette At Milliways

With the intention of giving homage to our beloved cassette with this project, I recorded a sampling of half of the tracks of this great vintage album back on to cassette. And I then took that tape and ran combinations of it through my circuit bent cassette player, using the added effect of it’s CV input and my Korg SQ1 sequencer. I also incorporated a few of my own background textures into this track using one of my keyboards and distortion.




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i was trying to present it as layers of skin being peeled away to get to the next section, with the glockenspiel over bryan’s piano loop, which was like the true inner self. and i kept thinking about michael jackson throughout the whole process.Jack Shite

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