“Beckett Beyond” Zine Project Series 2: Exploring Samuel Beckett’s Work at Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin, renowned for its rich academic heritage and vibrant cultural scene, is currently showcasing the second series of the “Beckett Beyond Zines” project. This unique exhibition, a collaboration between the Library, the Department of Drama, and the Trinity Centre for Beckett Studies, is on display in Iveagh Hall, the former Berkeley Library. The project offers a deep dive into the dramatic works of Samuel Beckett, one of the 20th century’s most influential playwrights and a Nobel laureate in Literature.

Designed and taught by Céline Thobois-Gupta, the “Studies in Samuel Beckett: Beckett Beyond” module encouraged Junior Sophister students to explore and disseminate their research on Beckett’s work. This year’s series, with significant contributions from visiting students, explores themes that transcend the geographical confines of Ireland, delving into political, cultural, and artistic ecosystems worldwide. The zines cover a range of topics, including Gender Performance, Technology in Beckett’s work, The Politics of Control in comparison with George Orwell, the nuances of Trauma in “Krapp’s Last Tape,” Beckett’s relationship with Choreography, and the portrayal of the Absurd in his plays.

Contributors to the project, including Léana Etienne, Maria Karampatsi, Aoife Kavanagh, Judith Leimann, Charles Putzhoven, and Guo Wen, have been commended for their insightful work. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to engage with the zines, offering reflections and feedback to further the academic discourse surrounding Beckett’s legacy.

The “Beckett Beyond Zines” not only serve as a testament to the innovative approaches to undergraduate research at Trinity College but also contribute to the permanent collection of the Library. Additionally, they are being archived in TARA, Trinity’s Institutional Repository, ensuring that this exploration of Beckett’s influence extends beyond the confines of the university.

The exhibition will continue until the end of the Trinity Term, offering a unique opportunity for scholars, students, and the general public to explore the depth and diversity of Samuel Beckett’s work through the lens of contemporary research and creative expression.

For more information about the “Beckett Beyond” exhibition and to discover the multifaceted aspects of Samuel Beckett’s legacy, visit Trinity College Dublin Library’s official site.

Source: Céline Thoibois Gupta, School of Creative Arts, and Terry McDonald, The Library.




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