Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists and Their Zines – A Dive into the World of Zine Culture

“Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists and Their Zines” is a fascinating book that delves into the world of zine culture. Published by Phaidon Press, this book explores the rich history and vibrant diversity of zine-making through the lens of various artists who use this medium to express their creativity1

Zines, small-circulation self-published works, have long been a tool for artists and writers to share their thoughts, ideas, and art with the world. They are a testament to the power of DIY culture and a platform for voices outside the mainstream.

This book, compiled by Kate Bingaman-Burt, an illustrator and educator, presents a curated collection of zines from artists around the globe. From personal narratives to political commentaries, from comic strips to collages, the variety of zines featured in this book reflects the limitless possibilities of this medium.

What sets “Copy Machine Manifestos” apart is not just its diverse collection of zines, but also the insightful commentary provided by the artists themselves. The book includes interviews with the artists, offering readers a glimpse into their creative process, their inspirations, and their perspectives on zine culture.

Whether you’re a seasoned zine enthusiast or a newcomer interested in DIY culture, “Copy Machine Manifestos: Artists and Their Zines” is a must-read. This book not only showcases the wide array of artistic expression found in zines but also celebrates the spirit of individuality, creativity, and community inherent in zine culture.





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