Empowering Voices: Sister Library Dhaka’s New Collection of 100 Feminist Zines

The Daily Star recently highlighted a fascinating addition to the Sister Library Dhaka collection: 100 feminist zines curated by Aqui Thami, the library’s founder. This diverse collection is now available for reading at the Goethe-Institut library in Dhaka. Zines, known for their low-cost and DIY nature, challenge societal norms and inspire change through their content and creation process.

Aqui Thami, with over a decade of experience in zine-making, emphasizes that zines are not just about the content but also about the entire ecosystem of creation, reproduction, and distribution. The curated zines cover a wide range of topics, from safe protesting and making kombucha to being an anarchist parent. Each zine embodies the power of solidarity and community.

The zines in this collection are unique in that they are not lendable, archivable, or digitized. Visitors must read them on-site, encouraging interaction and the creation of new zines. This approach challenges traditional library operations, pushing institutions to be more open and flexible.

The collection aims to expand its language offerings through workshops and discussions, fostering a broader cultural impact. The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh and Star Books and Literature have played significant roles in bringing this collection to life.

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