(Zine, 2023)

Review No.5269 by Briyan Frederick:

#FOMOZINE, the latest creation from zinesters Juli Jumprope and Emily Morehos, is a beautifully crafted publication that delves into the ubiquitous phenomenon of FOMO—Fear of Missing Out. The zine stands out immediately with its high quality, showcasing a risograph cover on sturdy cover stock, multi-colored interior pages, and a distinctive touch with rounded corners. This attention to detail reflects the care and thoughtfulness poured into every aspect of this zine.

The content of #FOMOZINE is as engaging as its physical form. After a welcoming letter of introduction, readers are treated to a succinct guide on how to curate maximum jealousy—a cheeky nod to the essence of FOMO. This sets the stage for the varied and insightful pieces that follow, each addressing different facets of FOMO with humor and authenticity.

Juli and Emily use a mix of comics and written content to explore themes like pet FOMO, holiday FOMO, and even anti-FOMO. Their artistic styles complement each other well, creating a cohesive yet dynamic reading experience. The comics are particularly effective, using visual storytelling to highlight the absurdities and realities of fearing to miss out on life’s myriad experiences.

One of the standout sections is the exploration of pet FOMO, a delightful take on how our furry friends might perceive our comings and goings. The humor is light-hearted but also offers a deeper reflection on how we project our own feelings onto our pets. Similarly, the holiday FOMO segment captures the often overwhelming pressure to have the perfect festive season, providing both a relatable and cathartic read.

Perhaps most compelling is the anti-FOMO content, which encourages readers to embrace the idea of missing out—highlighting the peace and fulfillment that can come from stepping back and enjoying the present moment. This perspective is a refreshing counterpoint to the relentless chase for experiences that FOMO often entails.

Overall, #FOMOZINE is a triumph in both design and content. It’s a zine that not only addresses a contemporary issue with wit and wisdom but also showcases the unique voices and talents of its creators, Juli Jumprope and Emily Morehos. For anyone who has ever felt the pangs of FOMO or simply enjoys well-crafted, thoughtful zines, #FOMOZINE is a must-read.

Media: Zine.





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