Kelly Spencer – I would throw the most fabulous garden party, if I had a garden

Zine No.5279

Kelly Spencer’s zine, “I would throw the most fabulous garden party, if I had a garden,” is a vibrant and whimsical masterpiece that transports readers to a fantastical garden party seance aimed at summoning George Harrison. Utilizing exquisite Risograph printing with fluorescent type colors, the zine’s pages burst with vivid hues and enchanting illustrations that perfectly capture Spencer’s imaginative world. Her signature blend of playful yet profound storytelling shines through, making each page a delightful journey filled with humor, nostalgia, and a touch of the supernatural. This zine is a must-have for indie art enthusiasts and fans of innovative storytelling. More of Kelly Spencer’s enchanting works can be found on her Instagram, The Freckled Vampire.





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This is the kind of tape you keep in your car to save on gas!