Portland Zine Symposium

The Portland Zine Symposium (PZS) is a volunteer-run organization that hosts an annual free conference and zine social, focusing on independent publishing and DIY culture. Since 2001, this event has been held every summer in Portland, Oregon, drawing over 150 zinesters from around the globe each year. The symposium features numerous free workshops, panels, and discussions that explore various facets of zine culture.

The mission of PZS is to foster community among creators of independent publications both within Portland and beyond. By creating a non-commercial and accessible environment, PZS events provide a platform for artists to share their work and exchange skills and knowledge related to creative expression and self-publishing. The organization is dedicated to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities and promoting equitable conditions for Portland’s creative community to thrive.

For more information or to get involved, you can reach the Portland Zine Symposium via email at pdxzines@gmail.com





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